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Sunday, June 1, 2014

2 Best ways to minimize your nose without surgery

                                        minimize nose size

How to reduce my nose without surgery ?

I will talk now about a magical solution to reduce the nose ,really i can say magical because i write this recipe before and many try it and they got nice results 
the magical thing is ginger ; yes ginger  i say now and alwayz that ginger is really magical to minimize ur nose without spending money or go to have surgery
  Knit the fresh ginger 
then mix it with warm water 
put the paste on your nose 
Repeat the process until you minimise your nose

How to minimize your nose without surgery in 10 days ?

You like reduce your nose , you hate to have surgery ,you want have nice small nose so try this recipe to minimize your nose without suregery in 10 days

You take :
 fresh ginger scrubbed
Hot water
Mix water and ginger for 24 hours
After that filter the mixture to have brown liquid

Put the liquid on flask then in the refrigerator
Everyday anoint your nose by liquid
After some days you will notice your nose reduced
For any question plz don't hesitate....