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Sunday, June 1, 2014

3 Perfect natural ways to minimize pores on your nose

minimize pores nose

How to minimize porse on your nose ?

Many people suffer from pores on nose because hormones or genes.
In this topic we will talk about cure for these pores
So bring :
Spoon starch
Warm water

Anoint your nose by olive oil then put the mixture of starch and water for 20 min
then wash by water
Repeat the recipe until you minimize all pores on your nose

How to shrink porse on my nose ?

Alwayz pores is a big problem for beauty .So i will write now a effective recipe to get rid of pores on nose.

we will need : 
Peel of half lemon scrubbed
Drops of lemon juice

Rub the tomatoes then mix it by lemon pell and juice

place the mask on your nose for 20 min , then wash by water.

How to reduce pores on nose ?

How to minimize pores on your nose easly 
These are some effective tips to get rid of pores :
_Mask of lemon juice for nose
_Clean porse every day by good quality cleanser
_Mask of rose water for nose
_Cucumber juice for porse

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