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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best friend for your hair : Egg

Egg for hair

Containing eggs on several active ingredients in strengthening hair and giving it softness and luster and vitality, so we find it enters in the composition a lot of Haircare, and which is no doubt that these products also contain some chemicals that you can do without using mask white hair a natural alternative to those products, which will give your hair produce impressive you see results since the first use of white hair mask and details below ..
Components Mask white hair:
Two large eggs, a cup of natural vinegar, a cup of natural olive oil.
How to apply the egg holder for hair:
- Mix egg components Mask for hair in a blender until well you have a mixture composed creamy textures.
- Rubbing your hair in this mixture from the roots to the parties with a massage continuous roots.
- Dress to cover your hair a plastic lid for half an hour, then remove the plastic lid and let the mixture dries on your hair for another hour.
- Wash your hair with shampoo and cold or lukewarm water a little to prevent the bloc and stick white hair and then dried by a towel.
- Grease tufts of hair in very small amounts of olive oil.

Class white hair mask twice a week and you'll get impressive results in terms of smoothness and luster and vitality ..