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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips for the bride to show shining face before the wedding

The skin problems of the things that worry the bride in recent weeks and days before the wedding, it seeks through nutritious masks and creams to restore the luster of her skin.Sarah provided Dakar, director of skin care clinic in a beautician Sonia Dakar located in the U.S. city of Beverly Hills, a collection of tips for facial skin care and the new body.The Dakar that unify skin color body including the hide dark spots and scars and areas flabby and coarse of aesthetic issues of interest to very large with the bride, so must the bride attention skin body before the wedding less than five weeks until the show skin more freshness, especially as the nature of the skin is renewed every 28 days. During the domestic bathing, care should be taken to get rid of dead skin through exfoliation Exfoliation a maximum of three times a week in addition to the wedding day.The beautician to ensure that the use of antioxidant creams that contain natural substances made up of vitamins and minerals to take care of the neck, hands and fingers too, especially to the attention of the guests will be during the wedding ring switch from right to left hand.And advised eating omega-3 and omega-6 oils because they are essential to achieve a healthy life is perfect for the new bride. So, should get them through some foodstuffs such as salmon and all kinds of fish.To avoid burns and protect the skin from sagging and small fonts, Sarah believes that the use of creams against the sun's rays that contains SPF and the degree of protection higher than 30 is necessary to protect the skin.