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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to minimize your nose without surgery

Minimize nose without surgery :
The beauty of a woman, keen to show that the whole style is a topic that occupied for thousands of years and always try to look for a new order to increase radiance and Overlooking .
Many girls nowadays current resort to medical centers for cosmetic surgery,

which has become rolling heavily in this age and more operations waged by women are processes

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Thumbnail nose for nose attractive fit her face and in line with trendy fashion and here we are looking to you for all that is new and  normal has been found recently for a way to minimize the nose without surgery because you get what you want In record time too so we will give you an effective way to minimize the nose without surgery.

Has spread recent studies demonstrate the importance of ginger and its own benefits to human health and appeared useful  in slimming and slimming

 Many of the ladies they took Ginger to lose their weight

From here we can inform you, dear In that he could benefit from ginger also slimming nose

How is this done??

The human skull is a problem to be in the middle of the bottom of the eye opening slots for the introduction of oxygen into the lungs and this slot consists above  comes in various forms that constitute the nose and then covered with a layer Leather

The usefulness of ginger comes in the skin layer where there are some human beings are the nose to have large because fat that are accumulated under the layer of skin and this is what causes the large size of the nose and ginger as we mentioned earlier is a material works to burn fat and removed so it works to remove the fat that consists under lashes nose and is working to minimize the nose .

How to use ginger in order to minimize the nose:

Ginger is brought as fresh and can be accessed from any store Atara
Then is crushed manually and put a little water on it and be paste even become tilted to the liquidity
Then be fat nose and survival for 10 minutes
Then be washed thoroughly with water, and this process will continue once a day for 4-5 days only

Avoid ginger up to the eyes and be careful when you put
You may feel a burning sensation on the nose and becomes red in color, but soon wears off that feeling when washing with water
Do not leave ginger more than 10 minutes on the nose

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