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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keep the freshness and vitality of your skin in the winter

Profit opportunity to naturally in the atmosphere of winter in your favor, experts advise you to drink plenty of water to avoid this problem that threatens drought to maintain healthy skin flexible without roughness, as experts advise also need to take care of skin intensely, here's the methods of care and attention.

Cold weather means the central heating, which have a negative effect on your skin. Dry to combat its effects in the drying of the skin, Replace humidifier heavier moisturizing cream to give skin hydration you need, use a cream when your face is still damp to lock moisture inside.

Avoid bathing with very hot water,before coming out of the bathroom your skin retain more moisture this way and will not so exposed to the shock of temperature change a lot when you go out, rub your body  body on the arms, legs and feet, especially on the elbows and knees.

Use cream area around the eyes in the evening to combat the drought in this sensitive area, and you'll notice is likely to fine lines and wrinkles have abated. Get some sleep enough to maintain the beauty and ease the tension.

To protect your lips from cracking in the winter months, avoid licking your lips and use a lipstick moisturizer in the day and my lip balm before going to sleep.

To remove dry skin unwanted lips, you can exfoliate lips brush your teeth while wash your teeth, then add a little petroleum jelly to protect them.