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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How can I get rid of chapped lips

Natural recipe for the treatment of chapped lips in an expeditious manner :
With the beginning of  winter lips become chapped , where left cracked and dry air is a nice appearance. It may seem at first that the lip balm enough to treat dryness and scaling lips, but with the increase in air cooler you become in need of a more effective solution than normal lip balm. Offer you a natural and easy recipe to prepare natural peeled for chapped lips and moisturizing.
• Vaseline.
• a tablespoon of sugar.
• a tablespoon of olive oil.
• moist lips (preferably choose lip balm cherries or strawberries and honey to moisturize the lips).
• small tin lid tightly.
• Mix the oil with sugar.
• add Vaseline.
• Cut half of the lip balm and put it with the mixture, then mix well.
• If you find a solid mix, add a few drops of olive oil.
• If the grandmother Lena add one teaspoon of Vaseline.
• To remove the crust formed on the lips, because of the cold weather, you only need to bring a soft toothbrush with Vaseline,
Then :
• Put a little Vaseline on the lips.
• rub Vaseline on the lips using a toothbrush light circular movements.
• Wipe excess Vaseline with a soft tissue.
• Avoid using a brush harshly on the lips.