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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How To Get A Bigger Butt

What Women say about Big Butt :
1/-New Goal: get a bigger butt
2/-I Wanna Get Butt Pregnant So I Can Have A Bigger Booty.
3/-A lot of people tell me I got a nice figure ... just wait until my butt geta bit bigger >>>>>>>
4/-When I See White Girl With A Bigger Butt Than Me I Get Mad Lowkey
5/-What foods give you a bigger butt? In on a Quest to get some cakes by summer
6/-Best compliment a girl can give "did your butt get bigger"
7/-I just wanna get a bigger butt, a smaller waist, & smaller boobs.
8/-I heard if you get banged up the ass , you grow a bigger butt ?
9/-The only reason I run is to get a bigger isn't even working.
10/-Told that man if my butt don't get bigger in a month I'm quitting
11/-if fat can go straight to my butt i wouldnt mind then i could get abigger butt
12/-I need to get a bigger butt
13/-Celebrities get their butts done to make them bigger..I didn't know it was that serious to have a big butt
14/-I wish I had a bigger butt. Big butts seem to get you far in life...
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