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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to get rid of Cellulite ? 2 Methods for Eliminating Cellulite from Your Body

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Cellulite is actually the result of a bunch of fat deposits that lie underneath your, skin giving you the appearance of uneven, dimpled skin. Most of the time, cellulite is found in the thighs, hips and buttocks. Regardless of how much you weigh or what your current health condition is, you could end up being affected by cellulite.
Even though cellulite isn’t harmful, it is unsightly to look at and often embarrassing for a woman. Many people refrain from wearing short pants, skirts and bathing suits because they are shy about their appearance. There are a number of different procedures and products that can help to remove or reverse the effects of cellulite.


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Factors Surrounding Cellulite

Even though cellulite can occur in just about anyone, genetics can increase your chances of getting it. 
Not drinking adequate amounts of water or going through changes in your hormones can contribute to the amount of cellulite you are affected by. 
Not exercising, smoking and not consuming adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, and fiber are also contributing factors.
The appearance of cellulite is more obvious in women who don’t have the thicker skin that it is common with the majority of men and other women. 
With men, their connective tissue runs horizontally, while women have more of a honeycomb shape, which is what makes the tissues bulge so easily. 
Cellulite tends to be more prevalent in those who store their fat in their thighs and hips than those who have fat in their midsection.


Most of those in the medical field view cellulite like more of a cosmetic condition instead of a medical one.
 This surgery helps to remove fat pockets from inside of your body. Liposuction cannot actually get rid of cellulite. It isn’t an effective method of combatting cellulite. 
Irregularities in your skin might end up developing from attempting to correct these fat deposits.

Cellulite Creams

Even though cellulite creams aren’t able to get rid of cellulite for you, they can help to diminish the cottage cheese appearance. An anti-cellulite cream from your local drugstore can plump your skin up temporarily, providing you with a smoother appearance. Search for products containing an antioxidant.

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Reaping the Effects of Regular Exercise

Exercise can also help with minimizing the appearance of unsightly cellulite. If you engage in strength training exercises at least three days out of the week, you can improve the tone and composition of your body. When strength training, use either elastic bands, dumbbells or your body weight as resistance. If you opt for free weights, make sure to include curls, dumbbell squats, trunk extensions and hip abduction as part of your routine. Using an exercise machine, you can do leg presses, overhead presses, hip abductions and leg curls.

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Knowing what you can expect is important to choosing a solution to combatting your cellulite. Even though you might not be able to get rid of it completely, you can help to make it less prominent and get to where you enjoy heading out to the beach.