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Saturday, January 19, 2013

4 vitamins for healthy hair, skin and nails

Hi beautiful ladies, Does think eat vitamins for hair, skin and nails beautiful and healthy? we  almost eat vitamins and nutritional supplements for some reason, or we did so in the period of our lives. But according to the skin with a needle expert Reid of New York, taking these vitamins necessary and help every woman to get flawless skin and shiny hair and strong nails. But what are these vitamins? We'll let you know all the secrets.
1. Vitamin A
It is known that vitamin A has many benefits, but according to the doctors, eating regular Vitamin A helps in the treatment of skin infections, especially pimples. You can get vitamin A from natural sources or packages of multi-vitamins. You can also take advantage of the vitamin in the skin moisturizing creams that help ease inflammation and freshness of the skin and restore vitality. But do not eat more than 1.5 mg of vitamin A supplementation. Because increased harmful.
1. Vitamin C
Uses vitamin C or C for the treatment of colds and cold and to improve overall health. Also used in cosmetic products to reduce skin discoloration and Tallil wrinkles. Rid the body of vitamin C daily therefore recommended capturing regular day to get the benefits.
1. Vitamin D
Advises control centers and disease prevention U.S. access to 1000 units of vitamin D a day for strong bones. Also boosts the body's immunity and fight disease.
1. Biotin
For skin, skin and nails healthy try eating biotin, which is a group B vitamins necessary for cell growth, and burn fat and amino acids, and helps strengthen nails and hair. But such as vitamin B and C do not stay long in the body, so you need to supply the body on a regular basis.