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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Those who suffer from problems in her nails ? Come solution here

Mixture to have strong and healthy nails :

Ingredients: teaspoon egg yolk + 2 tablespoons honey + salt
Method: national mix all ingredients together. Then rub your nails well and let the mixture for half an hour and then a rinse your fingers thoroughly with cold water and salt used this mixture twice a week.

Detergent mixture for nails :
Ingredients: 5 grams lemon juice + 5 grams rosewater
Method: Mix ingredients together then put a piece of cotton in the mix then licked your fingernails. Then Leave the mixture on your fingernails for five minutes, then wash your hands.

Avocado mixture for  nails:
Ingredients: ½ avocado + teaspoon lemon juice + egg yolk + a pinch of salt
Method: Combine all ingredients together and then rub nails by mix and leave for half an hour before the wash.